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One size does NOT fit all

Weight Loss Camp Fact: 


Healthy living all about balance, and balance can mean different things. At BalanceME fitness and weight loss camps, we don't tell you to cut out all fat or eat tiny portions like fat camps for teens and young adults often do—you need a plan for YOU that YOU can live with.


See the Difference at BalanceME

BalanceME offers a proven fitness and weight loss approach, combining what we believe is the best in everything:


Best Results - more than 4 lbs of weight loss per week*.  Ask any other weight loss camp to match that result!  Plus average of 5 inches off the waist, improved self-esteem and motivation, better glucose levels, and stronger and faster bodies.


Best Staff - with staff who have dedicated their lives and study to what matters for better health-- nutrition, culinary, exercise science, and behavioral change.  Our staff are from leading universities and many are pursuing their masters degrees.  Plus, they understand camp should be fun!


Best Locations - two vacation destinations...the ocean is RIGHT THERE at both our California and Cape Cod Massachusetts locations!  Great facilities to help you succeed.

BalanceMe_Kaitlin_FindOutInsideYour ME Plan

Every camper receives their own ME Plan with the Motivation & Education curriculum you receive while you are with us. You learn what works for you-- based on your health, weight loss or fitness needs, your preferences, and your desires. 


Healthy living is a journey, not a destination. Your approach to healthy living has to be practical. Realistic. And not riddled with guilt. You have goals to lose weight, get in shape, or find new ways to be healthier BalanceME can help. Not a Fat Camp, but a Health Camp created for healthy living success.


BalanceME is a health and fitness camp, definitely not a fat camp. What's the difference? Fat camps give you a small amount of food, limit the comforts of home and thereby "force" you to be more active. But what have you learned? How will you be healthier when you return home? Unlike other weight loss camp or fat camp options, BalanceME Camps are fun, effective, and focused on a personalized and realistic approach to healthier living.


You aren't a number in our research studies or a dollar sign for our wallets. BalanceME is a personalized, behavior-based approach to fitness and weight loss using medical expertise and research on what works for lasting success.


The best results, the best staff, in the best can you go wrong!?!  We hope to see you this summer!

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