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Health Camp for Kids

Compare BalanceME to weight loss camps or fat camps.  You’ll be glad you did.  BalanceME is a leading health camp for kids—a fitness and weight loss camp for all sizes. Simply put, compared to the rest, BalanceME has:weight loss camps success

  • The best approach for long-term success
  • The most personalized and individualized experience
  • The best value
  • The nicest locations and the best facilities

Long-term health. Our highly personalized, individualized approach is based on medical research on what works for fitness and weight loss. The ME Plan is your Plan to Motivate & Educate you on how to make lasting lifestyle change. Camp is a great jump start to your “yellow brick road” to success, and every aspect of the BalanceME experience is designed for a lifetime of success for you (and your family).

Focus on YOU. “Serving camper #17462. Weight loss: 3 lbs. NEXT! Camper #48274…” You are not a number in our research studies or to line our wallets. You are a person with specific needs and interests, and BalanceME wants to help YOU have success. BalanceME is not a big corporate entity focused on the bottom line or one of those huge camps offering all the worst of a high school experience—big groups and nameless masses moving in blobs around an unfeeling campus.

NO prison-like rules. Some weight loss camps don’t allow cell phones, or digital cameras, or even certain types of MP3 players. Other camps don’t allow any communication between the parent and camper for a full week upon arrival at camp. At BalanceME we encourage campers to communicate their success to parents.

Best weight loss camp value. We’d love it if BalanceME weight loss programs were $5 a day, but that isn’t possible (believe us, we’ve tried). BalanceME isn’t full of “refundable” fees that aren’t optional and rarely refunded. Rather, BalanceME is truly the most comprehensive andaffordable health camp for kids, teens, and young adults. Compare our approach, facilities, and price– and then call BalanceME today to enroll.

Best locations. BalanceME has only two camps in locations we’ve chosen specifically based on providing the best experience for your child. Great accommodations, facilities, and relationships with our host schools ensures an extraordinary experience for your child.

Don’t be fooled. Not all weight loss camps are truly sustainable. One of the leading pediatric obesity experts in the world Dr. David Ludwig often comments that trying to eliminate important macrobietics is not only unhealthy but unrealistic.

Don’t be fooled. BalanceME is NOT a fat camp. Fat camps are those “weight loss camps” that have been around for decades offering a summer of fun but cyclical weight loss at camp and rapid regain at home (in hope that you return again next year!). BalanceME offers lasting, powerful change because we believe that educating campers on how to get healthy and stay healthy is the best long-term strategy for a real health camp for kids.

Call us today at (800) 975-0435 to learn how BalanceME compares.

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