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Maryland Weight Loss Camp Campers Come to BalanceME

Come to BalanceME

BalanceME offers health and fitness weight loss camps to campers aged 10-20. With locations on both the east and west coast, BalanceME is able to help campers from Maryland learn how to live a healthy lifestyle (hence we are not fat camps).


BalanceME was able to help campers from Maryland meet their healthy living goals during their summer stay with us. Here is an example of one of our success stories:


“Attending BalanceME got me into better shape. My mile time went down, and I lost over 20lbs. I’m going to go home and go out for my school soccer team.”


- Lindsey D., age 14 (pictured)


At BalanceME, not only does every camper come to lose weight, but they are also exposed to methods that will enable them to keep that weight off for the long-term. While at BalanceME, campers are exposed to a variety of fitness activiites and sports that will develop their lifetime activity skills, are given instruction in culinary & nutrition so that they can learn about healthy eating, and receive individual & group mentoring in their health coaching sessions that help the camper identify triggers for leading an unhealthy lifestyle & how they can make good decisions for long-term wellness success.

weight loss camp in californiaBalanceME offers the best value of any weight loss camp available to Marylanders– as comprehensive and effective as any weight loss camp, with the best facilities, and low prices!

BalanceME is the only highly personalized plan to healthy living that combines expert diet, activity, and clinical staff. This means BalanceME not only works at camp, it works at home. And you’ll not only have success, but you’ll have a lot of fun, too.

california fat campsLook at a typical day as we do new and exciting stuff. To keep things interesting, we’ll also head off-campus for some amazing local Special Trips.

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