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Summer Weight Loss Camp and The Me Plan

Start your summer weight loss camp journey with BalanceME.  As we say, “Weight loss is a journey, NOT a destination!”


BalanceMe_Top5ActiveThis is your journey to Healthy Living. Your goals. Your needs. So why shouldn’t you have your plan to weight loss and fitness? That’s the ME Plan where we Motivate & Educate on how to design a program specific to your time at our summer weight loss camp.  After camp, you will have a specially designed program to take home with you to continue your success at home.


You can’t eat a Value Meal with a liter of soda and still meet your goals. But the truth is some days will be better than others. Some a little worse. At BalanceME camps we’ll teach you how to keep those bad days from becoming bad weeks or complete abandonment of your healthy journal.



Basically, we’ll teach you how to be balanced in your approach to your well-being.  You’ll eat amazing food, play in fun and challenging games, sports, and activities, and receive Health Coaching designed to teach you tips and give you motivation for continued success.


Some of our summer weight loss campers have a lot of weight to lose. Some have just a little. Others are more interested  in improving their fitness or their skills in sports. Some just want additional practice at healthy living or want to make new friends with similar interests.


Whatever your goals, you can be sure BalanceME and The ME Plan will help you on your way.


Summer weight loss camp is a great place to start your healthy journey for the rest of your life. The ME Plan was created to make life changing habits in just one summer, see how one summer at BalanceME can change your life forever.

One size does NOT fit all. Neither should your weight loss program.