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Weight Loss Camp for Kids and the Health Score

New Families always ask: What is the BalanceME Health Score?

BalanceME campers lost a significant amount summer 2011– an average of nearly 4.25 lbs a week*.

We are a new weight loss camp for kids that focuses on total health, rather than just numbers on a scale. We know that weight is not the only way to measure health, which is why we developed the  BalanceME Health Score ®.  Campers also reached tremendous improvements in self-esteem, fitness, and many other medical measures!


Weight Loss Camp for Kids -Gavin Quote

Jake wanted to improve his fitness. Did he ever! Jake earned a 45% improvement in his overall Health Score with big improvements in 40 yard dash, bench, and pulse.


BalanceME created the proprietary, scientifically based BalanceME Health Score ® using years of experience and medical research on what helps a person live a healthier, happier life.  You are more than a number on a scale and your health is measured by more than your weight.

 Kaitlin O. – Lost 20.5lbs and reduced her mile time by over 30% during her stay at BalanceME.  See her “Afters” by clicking here >>. “BalanceME gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals.”

 Weight Loss Camp -Cole SmallCole V. – Improved his BMI by nearly 50 Health Score points & doubled his vertical jump on the BalanceME Health Score ®.  “You will be surprised as to how much fun you have and what you accomplish.”


 Lindsey D. – Dropped 14 inches off her waist and earned a 150% improvement in her blood pressure in just five weeks.“I lost 26lbs in 4 weeks. I am really glad that I came here, because I know that I couldn’t have done it on my own.”



 Jake J. – Lost 17 total inches off his body measurements and achieved a near-175% improvement in his BMI. “I feel much better about myself. I feel great and look great. And I also feel way more comfortable around everyone.”



Christina C. - Improved her BalanceME Health Score ® by 59% and increased her flexibility by 825%. “I can be successful continuing my weight loss and once I get to a weight that I want to be at, I definitely feel that like I can maintain that weight.”


See the BalanceME Difference…

“I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled for the impact that BalanceME has had. We feel like we picked up a different daughter than the one dropped off weeks ago. Beyond the obvious physical improvements and weight loss, Molly has a sense of pride, self confidence, self esteem, energy, zest for life, and happiness. The change has been remarkable” – Molly’s Dad


Success: “It’s truly amazing. I am so proud of him.” - Cole’s Mom


More Confidence: I definitely feel more confident in myself, less self-conscious.” – Chelsea


Great Staff: “I was sooo impressed with the staff and program.” - Charly’s Dad


Diet & Culinary Program: “I learned the right things to eat & I learned how to make the things that I like better for me.” - Frankie


Family: “It was like a family to me. I met really good people. The counselors helped me do everything I wanted. I loved it here.” – Christina


ME Plan Program: “I am really glad that I came here, because I know that I couldn’t have done it on my own.’ - Lindsey


Friendship: I was amazed how close I got to everyone. – Cole
“I love it and I’m sad to be leaving. I have made friends with everyone. We definitely have to stay in touch forever and ever and ever…” - Molly


Friends & Family Weekend: “What a great weekend—the information was very useful and it made me feel at ease that he was in such good spirits.” - Elisa, Gavin’s Mom


Fitness: “Coming to the end of camp, I feel much better about myself. I feel great and look great.” - Jake


Continued Success: “I can maintain my weight loss. I feel like it’s definitely within my reach to do.” – Chelsea


Lifelong Skills: “My kids look wonderful. I am so proud of them. They have been showing me new ways to cook to make healthy food and proper portion size. – Heather, Morgan & Tyler’s mom


Dedicated Staff: “Watching the campers lose weight, gain confidence, and gain skills needed to make lifestyle changes was the best aspect of camp.” - Whitney, Fitness Expert


Seasoned Staff: “No other weight loss camp for kids offers the program BalanceME does. I have seen a better understanding of how to live a healthy life from BalanceME campers than ever before.” -Francis, Program Director

Small, personalized programs. Dedicated and expert staff. Excellent facilities. And Fun & Friendship for Success and Memories to last a lifetime. That’s the BalanceME Difference.

 *Average weight loss for campers who stayed 4 weeks or more