10th Dec2012

Sensa pays $900,000 for making false weight loss claims

by John Taylor

The makers of the weight loss supplement, Sensa, have reached a settlement with the Nutritional Supplemental Task Force for making false claims about Sensa’s weight loss research.

Sensa’s commercial advertisements claim that users could lose weight by sprinkling “tastants,” or flavor crystals, on their food.

However, the task force, which is made up of prosecutors in nine different California counties, stated that the basis for the lawsuit wasn’t about the effectiveness of the product.

The civil suit was based on Sensa’s claims that its weight-loss effects had been clinically proven in the “largest clinical study” ever conducted.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Yen B. Dang said the study was “not competent and reliable,” which are Federal Trade Commission requirements for selling nutritional supplements.

As part of the settlement agreement, Sensa can sell its products, but it can’t advertise that it has the “largest clinical study.”

Sensa’s website now states the study is among the largest, and it does not have the word “clinical” in it.

Sensa still cites a double-blind placebo study to prove it’s effectiveness, which was clinically approved, but used a smaller sample size, and now can’t claim that it was “the largest.”

As part of the settlement, Sensa and it’s parent company, Intelligent Beauty Inc., are forbidden from “making any claims regarding the efficacy or effects of any of their products without possessing competent and reliable scientific evidence that substantiates the claims.”

The settlement also forbids Sensa from continuing to charge customers for shipments sent after a customer has asked to stop the shipments. Sensa may not enroll customers in an automatic shipment program without a clear disclosure of the customer’s responsibilites.

As part of the final judgment, Sensa agreed to pay civil penalties and costs in the amount of $800,000 which be used for the enforcement of consumer protection laws.

The court also ordered Sensa to pay $105,000 in restitution to California consumers.

Here’s an idea for Sensa…if they are so confident in their product, why don’t they spend the money and create the largest weight loss supplement study in the history of the United States. Heck, I’d sign up for it. Who wouldn’t?

In this day when obesity rates continue to climb, wouldn’t Sensa receive praise from American society for creating an easy-to-follow weight loss regimen, and for letting testing subjects use it for free to prove the product works?

I know Sensa has been featured on NBC’s Dateline, the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America and Extra TV, but it seems like we an American television viewers have been duped.


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